Jia Yunwei EdwardsBEcon&Fin, 2018

    I grew up in the city of Shanghai, having received the traditional Chinese-Style education from my kindergarten through my high school. HKU defined the word Higher Education for me. I tried to get more exposure to the information from every knowledge sector and every part on this planet in a day-to-day learning process. I think the HKU Common Core is an extremely important learning experience in my whole learning process.

    The reasons are as follows. Firstly, Since my childhood, I have developed a sort of general interest and curiosity about the surrounding world, and I always want to find chances to learn more about different disciplines because I firmly believe that all the learning experience will affect my life sooner or later. Secondly, as a business student, the nature of the discipline makes us to be overly calculative, and, sometimes, short-sighted. The Common Core truly provides us an opportunity to realize that we still have the ability to understand the whole picture of the world and make attempts to change it. I look forward to expanding the Common Core for the good of future students.