Lam Ying Tung (Rico)BNurs, 2020

    Who am I?
    I am a year 5 Nursing student. When I was in secondary school, I was interested in science subjects (and especially good at Biology) and want to use my knowledge to help people. Therefore, I have decided to be a nurse and I am working very hard to make my dream come true.

    Reasons for being a Student Ambassador for the Common Core
    I love serving others and I have participated in various voluntary services in different NGOs and charitable organizations. The school in which I am studying is always one of the targets that I want to serve. Therefore, having this opportunity to become a CCSA, I will do my very best to help the school and act as the “bridge” between my fellow schoolmates and the Common Core.

    Expectations on Common Core
    CC courses can broaden students’ horizon to different fields of studies and we need to study specific topics in the fields that are not our major in the Bachelor programme.