Lee Bryan Tsz HouMBBS, 2019

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, I aspire to be a person who makes socially relevant impact through professional knowledge and personal experience. I believe in the value of diversity, and always strive to pursue a wide range of interests. I am studying Medicine currently and, at the same time, continuing my passion in chess, music and languages. The idea of cultural diversity truly fascinates me, and I hope to achieve it through promotion of non-discrimination and empathy. Another important belief of mine is the power of empowerment through leadership development, which is achieved by continuous personal growth and teamwork.

    With regards to these, I actively participated in activities that could enrich my experience and knowledge in terms of diversity and leadership. I volunteered in overseas community projects in Kyrgyzstan and Romania in 2014 and 2016 respectively. I joined the clinical attachment program in a public hospital in Morocco in 2016. In addition, I was a member and manager in the Talent Management Department of AIESEC in HKU, a delegate of HKMUNC and a participant of UBC summer exchange program in Canada. These all enable me to gain a more comprehensive perspective to the world today and relate all the relevant issues back to my study as a medical student.