Pallavi GoelBEng(IELM), Year 4

    Hi! My name is Pallavi Goel and I’m pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management at HKU.  I was born in Chennai, a city in South India. Coming to Hong Kong has helped me expand my horizons and learn about new cultures and perspectives.

    Common Core is something very unique in HKU. It allows us to step outside our home faculty and learn about things we would otherwise not get a chance to. It is an integral part for an all-rounded development of a student. Not only that, it also allows us to meet people from different faculties and years.

    Selecting a Common Core can be tricky but the satisfaction we get after attending a class and enjoying it is worth the trouble. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas about Common Core and am here if you need any help picking one which suits you the best.