Eeshaanee ShandilyaBEng(CompSc), 2022

    I am a third-year student studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. I was born in a place called Guwahati, far up in the North-East of India, the region which is a beautiful amalgamation of the ancient Indian civilization, indigenous tribal culture and South-East Asian culture.

    My motto in life is to strive to learn and improve every day and through all experiences. That has given me the curiosity to try out many different activities, that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried like teach English in a hill-tribe village in Northern Thailand, learn Rock Climbing, Wing Chun, cook local Cantonese food, venture on a cycle along the beautiful sub-urban sides of HK etc. Even though I belong to a Science background, I inherently think through an artistic lens. Realizing that many of us may be unknowingly going through pandemic fatigue, I sought to set an online platform to teach Folk Art forms to people who may have been going through any distress. This would not only help revive the decreasing awareness about Folk Culture & Art forms but also give people an opportunity to express themselves & learn a new form of art.

    As a Common Core Student Consultant, I not only look forward to supporting the Common Core Team but also interacting and working together with other fellow CCSC’s.