Rahul AgarwalBEng(CompSc), Year 4

    Hello everyone, I am Rahul Agarwal, a 3rd year student from India studying at The University of Hong Kong, pursuing a major in Computer Science. I am really interested in the field of technology combined with the skill of doing business to create an impact on the world. I find Common Core courses very unique to HKU and I recently completed all of my Common Core courses.


    I believe Common Core is a great way of meeting people not only from your own faculty but from different faculties as well. One of the difficulties that most of the students face is selecting the right common core, because there are seriously so many courses available to choose from, which makes it seem impossible, but once you choose the common core which you feel like studying and the knowledge you gain from it, itโ€™s all worth it in the end, also not denying the fact that it really helps you boost your GPA at the same time. Overall, it provides a great medium to expand your existing knowledge to much different and wider topics and is truly an enriching experience.


    As a Common Core Student Consultant, I hope to contribute to the enhancement of Common Core Curriculum and make it an amazing Common Core experience for you. We are all here to support you and all the best for this exciting journey. I would be really happy to answer any doubts or questions you have. Feel Free to Contact me at u3575655@connect.hku.hk