Rishima MathurBA(AS), Year 3

    Hello everyone! My name is Rishima and I’m currently studying Architecture at HongKongU! In my spare time, I can probably be found creating something (or watching a movie!) in the Knowles Building, or out exploring the city, one MTR station at a time.

    I am passionate about the built environment and how creative teams can work together with technology to garner change in the world. Having lived in three different countries, I thoroughly enjoy meeting and learning about new cultures as way to enrich my personal growth.

    The extensive range of courses provided by the Common Core in an array of fields are the perfect avenue for students to meet these new perspectives, explore interests and go out of their comfort zone. Whilst initially daunting, the Common Core allowed me to learn concepts beyond my major and get introduced to future pathways that I had previously never even considered. By encouraging teamwork and collaboration, combining creativity with critical thinking, my CC experience definitely broadened my horizons, as it has for countless students before me.