Yam Yat Chung, KeithBA&LLB, Year 2

    Hi there 🙂 This is Keith, an alaw student interested in history and philosophy. Before I started my first semester here I thought CCs were just another graduation requirement to be satisfied. But I was quite wrong. Many instructors crafted their courses carefully, trying their best to bring the best to their students. I guess you have seen their names on the various information booklets for freshmen. CCs also give you a chance to study the things you’re interested but not within your curriculum. For example, I will be studying a CC about feminism this coming semester and I cannot wait to know more about it!

    As a CC consultant, I’m obliged to reflect your opinons to various stakeholders, in a bid to improve our learning experience. So, feel free to write to me if you have any questions, or you just simply want to have a chat 🙂