Tratik DixitBEng(CompSc), Year 4

    Hello Everyone! I am a full-time undergraduate student from India.

    As a freshman, I was frankly a bit worried about Common Core courses and viewed them as a requirement I had to complete. However, I soon grew to enjoy them, and they turned out to be the highlight of my year.

    Common Cores are multidisciplinary in the true sense of the word. The curriculum provides an extensive range of courses covering a gamut of philosophical, cultural, and global issues. It gave me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with students and professors from diverse academic backgrounds and intellectual interests. The structure of the courses encouraged teamwork and collaboration. The entire experience was very rewarding, thought-provoking, engaging and helped me explore topics beyond my major.

    As a Common Core Student Consultant, I aspire to contribute to the program by proposing ideas to facilitate the enhancement of the Common Core Curriculum. I hope to act as a bridge between the students and the academic staff by sharing feedback and suggestions.