This series of student-created podcasts was a collaborative project between HKU Common Core, CAES and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Centre for Language Education. Exploring gender equality through the podcasting medium, it features conversations around gender reassignment and dysphoria, intergenerational issues around women and work, depictions of women in movies and gaming, and women in STEM.

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The research project explored the experiences of COVID-19 in Hong Kong in relation to gender equality. As part of the research methodology, students interviewed affected women and critically reflected on their accounts through digital storytelling.

The project was a collaboration between HKU Common Core, CAES, and the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Basel.

Gender, Sexuality, and Diversity

The Common Core is deeply interested in exploring issues of gender, sexuality, and diversity as part of our commitment to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

The theme is embedded and intersects with many of our curriculum and co-curriculum endeavours:

How are art, and cross-media performances engaged with reshaping, or, in other cases, marginalizing queer realities over the years? How does queer art and performance occur in New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Mumbai? And how do these intersections operate both locally and transnationally? Lastly, how do art, media and performance navigate the hegemonic narratives and transcend the queer realities of these cities?

CCHU9079 is a new course, taught by Dr Brenda Alegre, that explores how genders and sexualities evolved across cultures by examining art practices, cross-media performances, and the contexts of global cities.