Collaboration with UN ESBN Youth & Women Entrepreneurship Taskforce

In CCGL9008 ‘CyberSocieties: Understanding Technology as Global Change’, Dr Tommy Tse and Dr Serban Florin worked closely with Mr Pedro Eloy (Chairman of the specified organization under UN) to incorporate UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the course materials and final video project. About 120 students coming from a wide array of academic disciplines had produced creative work not just of high quality but also directly aiming at achieving specific SDGs. The new design immensely helped students to go beyond a purely theoretical approach and brainstorm practical solutions (informed by cross-disciplinary knowledge) to some of the most pressing global crises and technology-driven problems, suiting the key objective of the CC curriculum. Here comes one fascinating example, entitled “Days of Past Future”:

The selected best 8 videos are now showcased on their official website ( and were also on display at the main conference area of the World Virtual Fair organized by UN ESBN YET [May – late Jun 2018] participated by a wide range of international commercial and non-commercial organizations focusing on technology industries, digital entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

This initiative has created a more fruitful experience for our HKU students and generated new opportunities for collaborative research and impact projects with international commercial partners and NGOs in the future.