VR Salon: A digital cultural experimental space

The VR Salon project was created by Kal Ng, Senior Lecturer and Developer, HKU and Nicol Pan, Associate Director of Common Core, HKU.

We would like the VR Salon to be a digital cultural experimental space.  We welcome everyone who is interested to come and meet new friends, share ideas and their creative work with each other, and just have fun experimenting with this state of the art visualization technology. One of the key featured Virtual Reality technology in the VR Salon is the imseDOME –  it is one among the few homegrown VR systems developed by Prof. Henry Lau and Dr. Leith Chan from the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering (IMSE). It is the fruit of their labour of love which spans over a decade’s research and experimentation.  And now with the support of HKU’s Common Core Curriculum and the Global Lounge, we have brought the VR innovation out from its laboratory to a much more open platform so everyone could experience it and make use of it.