What's New in the Common Core in 2023-24?

8 New Regular Courses (6 credits)

Course Code Course Title Semester Offering Faculty
Science, Technology and Big Data
CCST9082 Pandemics: From Science to Societal Impact 2 Medicine
CCST9083 Earth as Seen by Satellite 1 Social Sciences
CCST9084 From Ancient Remedies to Modern Medicine: A Historical Perspective on Health Technology 1 Medicine
CCST9085 Inspiration from the Living World 2 Science
Arts and Humanities
CCHU9089 Race and Ethnicity 2 Arts
Global Issues
CCGL9069 Multinationals and the Global Economy 2 Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
China: Culture, State and Society
CCCH5057 Shaping Health in China (Online) 2 Medicine
CCCH9058 Talking About Politics: Chinese Debates in Political Thinking, Past and Present 2 Law


6 New Microcredential Courses (3 credits)

Each Common Core Microcredential Course (CCMC) carries 3 credits (and is counted as 0.5 course), resulting in stackable qualifications within the Common Core. These courses focus on undergraduate transdisciplinary learning and are conducted in a highly compressed format.

In fulfilling the UG5(c) Common Core requirements, you may take two CCMCs in place of one standard 6-credit Common Core course. [If you opt to take CCMCs in fulfilling the 36-credit CC requirements, you must take TWO CCMCs.]

You would need to have successfully completed one course in each of the CC’s Areas of Inquiry before you are eligible to take any CCMCs. Students who have been granted Advanced Standing / Credit Transfer / Course Exemption / Internal Transfer in their current programme are NOT eligible.

Please visit https://commoncore.hku.hk/ccmc2023-24/ for details.

Course Code Course Title Semester Offering Faculty
Science, Technology and Big Data
CCST6001 Change for a Better Self Summer Social Sciences
Global Issues
CCGL6001 Change for a Better Community Summer Social Sciences
China: Culture, State and Society
CCCH6001 Human Monkeys: Unethical Research in Manchuria Summer Medicine


18 Fully Online Courses (6 credits)

In fulfilling your CC requirements for graduation under UG5(c), you may take up to 2 CC courses in fully online format.

Please visit https://commoncore.hku.hk/fullyonline2023-24/ for more information.